How much teak will 1 gallon of the formula treat?

Approximately 300-400 square feet.

How do I protect metals from the formula.

Coat metals with petroleum jelly before using Snappy Teak-Nu.

What’s in Snappy Teak-Nu?

Acids and bases plus some other inorganic chemicals which are a trade secret.

Is it environmentaly safe?

If formula number 2 is applied over number 1, both chemicals are neutralized and a salt is produced.

Is it safe for the boat?

Yes. If used properly and with caution, keeping all surfaces wet, it is very safe. You may have to address the chattering which can occur with Snappy Teak-Nu but just as easy with rain or sun or scrubbing.

Why Snappy Teak-Nu?

It’s simply the best. Used by Yacht builders around the world as well as professional boat yards. Nothing can compare in effort and ease of use.

How long will it last?

In their environment, 5-6 weeks before it begins a slight but very even and natural deterioration.

Doesn’t Snappy Teak-Nu strip the natural oils?

Yes, a little bit. Teak is a very oily wood and can tolerate the use of Snappy Teak-Nu. A couple of times a year is all that is recommended and in the meantime it can be used in a diluted form safely.

How do I become a distributor?

Just give us a call! +1 (954) 587-6280