Snappy Teak-Nu


Snappy Teak-Nu is the easy two step cleaning process that will transform your weathered teak deck to that brand new golden look without the need for expensive, time consuming and destructive sanding. After applying the product and following the necessary steps described here, your deck will look like the day your yacht came out of the factory. You can then choose to let it naturally turn grey with time and repeat the cleaning process at regular intervals or you can treat it with a sealer or an oil for a longer lasting protection.

Snappy Teak-Nu is a powerful cleaner, it will remove all types of stains, spills and varnishes without damaging the wood. It is environmentally friendly and it will not damage your yacht if you follow the instructions. Each step is a powerful chemical and must be handled with care, but combined they neutralize each other and produce a perfectly safe and non-harmful solution.

Snappy Teak-Nu is used in ship yards professionally and by yachting enthusiasts all over the world.